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Energy Management Solutions

Energy Management Solutions

MAG is an ESCO, providing turn key solutions and project funding.

Energy Conservation Measures



Building Automation Systems


Air Handling

Bio Mass

Geo Thermal

Chilled Water



Solar panels / windows

Wind Power

Water Conservation

Water / Sewer Conservation

Furnace Heat Recovery

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Let Our Experience Empower

Exploring energy systems and saving opportunities is a vast and time-consuming task. MAG’s multi industrial experience uniquely equips us with the right tools and specialists to deliver results and put the power in your hands.

Our energy team thoughtfully examines and develops customized solutions for any environment, using state of the art systems and calculated designs that are built to perform and reduce costs.

We know uninterrupted business is profitable business. Let our experts evaluate your current systems and deliver simplified, efficient and strategic energy solutions for your business needs.

Energy Management Audit Process

Our Energy Management Solutions take a strategic approach to identify potential energy conservation opportunities.

Audit Process

Identify Energy Needs

Identify customer energy reduction top priorities and procure pertintent building information.

Perform Audit

Procure pertinent building information to audit for all energy conservation aspects with professional energy engineers.

Analyze Energy Use

Review energy bills and analyze for additional energy conservation opportunities.

Develop Energy Reduction Opportunities

Identify a list of potential energy conservation opportunities.

Present Opportunities and Select Projects

Present current options for energy conservation and prepare a time schedule for selected projects.