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KEEPS COVID-19 Program

The COVID-19 Pandemic has brought many uncertainties to our lives. One-way MAG can combat these feelings is offering your company our successful KEEPS Program. We have taken all areas into consideration of how to keep employers and employees working in safe and healthy environments. The Program is designed to keep essential workers operational during our countries most critical time of need. We will provide you with a thorough customized plan for your specific needs. The keys to our Program are safety, health, comfort, and privacy.

Housing & Temporary Structures

We can quickly erect temporary structures which can be used for housing, medical triage, temporary workspaces or staging areas.

Cleaning & Disinfecting Services

MAG offers a full range of industrial cleaning and disinfection solutions to help eradicate pathogens from your work environment.

Medical Assistance

The KEEPS program can help you provide assistance to your workers and offers COVID-19 screening services to protect them from infection.

Food Services

Access to safe and nutritious meals helps ensure the continued health of your valued employees.  KEEPS offers a range of options including 24 hour service and special nutritional needs.

Bedding & Laundry Services

Whether it be part of triage, temporary housing or industrial disinfection, bedding and laundry is a critical component of KEEPS.

CDC Guidelines

Everything in the KEEPS program is done within accepted CDC guidelines and MAG will monitor and update KEEPS accordingly.


This highly advanced unit delivers germicidal UVC energy to deactivate and neutralize viruses on surfaces. This technology is used in all major hospitals to disinfect patient rooms for COVID-19 and other viruses.

  • Single placement whole room treatment
  • Disinfect direct, indirect, and shadow areas
  • Documented high clinical pathogen kill rates
  • Scientifically calculated method to deliver the highest germicidal UVC dose in the shortest time
  • Robotic precision measures when sufficient pathogen killing UVC has been administered
  • Door pendants automatically deactivates unit if a door is opened


Naturally unstable tri-atomic oxygen also know as ozone attaches itself to most organic chemical contaminants, bacteria, mold, spores, odors, viruses, etc and leaves them oxidized and broken down molecularly. Cleaning and disinfecting time depends on the size of the space being treated.