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We offer a full-service industrial millwright division. We possess precision skills required for installation, maintenance, assembly or disassembly of electrical turbines and generators, interpreting drawings, performing layout and rigging.

Working within parameters and specifications requires tolerances within thousandths of an inch; our team has the knowledge, expertise and experience to complete any challenge.

Our Millwrights can provide 24/7 maintenance services, along with supplemental labor for your maintenance requirements. This versatility is a result of our commitment to serve the varied needs of our customers.


Properly aligned industrial equipment runs smoother, more efficiently, experiences fewer breakdowns and lost production time, and ultimately increases your production revenue and profits. A sampling of the types of equipment that require precision alignment:

  • Generators
  • Turbines
  • Gearbox
  • Mills, pumps, and fans

Our clients expect and require trained millwrights to install, repair, replace and dismantle their machinery and heavy equipment in efficient and precise manners. Proper training and thorough knowledge of your needs and expectations are reviewed and planned before the job begins.

Whether we are lifting and moving machinery with rigging or hoisting devices or repairing essential equipment, you can count on the MAG commitment to quality.

Precision Alignment


We partner with our customers to create a comprehensive plan for installation, working closely with the management team to ensure a complete and satisfactory outcome.

MAG has the experience and skill to install equipment to manufacturers’ specifications, working within parameters of the clients’ environment, schedule and budget.



Through thorough planning and preparation, we are equipped to provide a tailored solution for any challenge a client may be facing. Our equipment specialists will strategically prepare a comprehensive plan that will minimize disruption to production without compromising safety and quality.

Utilizing a crane-based solution, air float system, hydraulic pumps or any of our trucking fleet, MAG can move all of your industrial equipment, including:

  • Turbines
  • Rotors
  • Motors
  • Pumps